Woven Wood Natural Shades

Beautiful, Natural Woven Wood Shades for Homes in Chicagoland

Woven Wood Shades Chicagoland ILIncorporating natural materials into interior designs has become increasingly popular among homeowners throughout Chicagoland. This is no surprise. These materials have a timeless appeal and help us to feel more connected with nature. And, no material is better able to capture this spirit than wood. From furnishings to window frames, wood has been used for centuries not only because it is exceptionally durable, but also because it adds a touch of warmth to interior décor. At Drapery Connection, we allow you to imbue your windows with this natural warmth and charm by providing beautiful woven wood shades.

Woven Wood Shades from Drapery Connection

Typically, woven wood shades have a slightly loose weave pattern, allowing sunlight to filter into your home while also highlighting the natural variations and accents of the wood. Indeed, this is a classic style that is suited to many different design sensibilities. However, at Drapery Connection, we offer much more than the typical selection.

When you partner with Drapery Connection, we’ll provide virtually endless design possibilities. Whether your décor is rustic or modern, you’ll find wood shades that make a perfect addition. Choose from a loose weave pattern if you love for your spaces to be flooded with natural light or, if you’d like better light control, select an option that is more opaque. We also offer these shades in many different tones as well as textures ranging from jute to grasses, allowing you to transform your windows into everything from bold statement pieces to light and airy design accents.

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At Drapery Connection, we not only provide an extensive selection of woven wood shades to Chicagoland homeowners, but also exceptional service. Your entire project will be backed by the outstanding 4-Way Guarantee, which assures on-time appointments, fair pricing, top-notch craftsmanship, and 10-year product performance. Contact us today to learn more.


Simple, stylish and smart Woven Wood Natural Shades can give your room a relaxed life style look. Designers have discovered the unspoiled beauty of natural accents. This gentle, untouched aesthetic invites the balance of the natural world into your environment, connecting you to colors and textures of the landscape. In keeping with this trend, Natural Shades are constructed from organic, renewable resources, including bamboo, jute, and grasses. These rustic materials are now featured in Roman shades, sliding panels, and woven natural drapes.




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