Virtual Consultation (COVID-19)

The Tests of Time.

We’ve seen a lot since we began in 1939. Along the way there have been challenges  both short and long and we have endured. It’s a part of our DNA.

COVID has brought a new version of challenge and as the safety of our clients and staff are always paramount, our ability to adapt while serving the wellbeing of both these groups have never been more valued. 

VIRTUAL CONSULTATIONS are a key part of safely serving our family and community. SAFETY practices of washing, disinfecting, masking and distancing are our daily norm as we respect and honor all we share this time with.

MOVING FORWARD is key. Doing it safely is our only way. We’re proud of our 80-year history adapting and we’ve done it again. We continue to safely solve the needs of our clients who now, more than ever, are finding that there is truly, no place like home.

We look forward to meeting; virtually, at one of our showrooms or safely in home, as we provide expert service for your home health and lifestyle needs.

Your Virtual Consultation Starts Here!




Schedule Your
Virtual Consultation

Request your consultation appointment and our scheduling team will setup a video conference with you from the comfort of your own home with one of our designers using a easy to use video conference platform, friendly to mobile device and home computer alike.

Connect to

We will video conference with you and you’ll have the opportunity to show us your home. We’ll listen and inspire design solutions that make home your haven. We’ll share special offers,  options and features making all the possibilities an option for your project.

* Your consultant may ask you to provide some photos and measurements of your home in order to best assist your solution needs.

to Deliver

With a solution you love, we’ll provide an exact price. We’ll walk-through project timing and process as well as payment options. As a final step, we can provide in-home samples that confirm your order. From there, we’ll begin turning presentation into production and prepare to deliver your custom crafted solution.