Using Smart Technology For Your All Your Window Treatments


Nowadays, home automation has become very easy, which has made using smart technology for your all your window treatments easier and cheaper than it was back in the 20th century. Using smart window blinds increases the comfort and privacy in your home by making it easier to control the amount of light that enters your house. This type of blinds, as simple as they may seem, bring about a significant difference in our daily lives by offering a sophisticated level of convenience. Below are some genuine reasons why you should consider automating your blinds.

1. Convenience

Imagine having the ability to control every window treatment in your home with a press of a button, or having windows that open and close naturally with the help of light and heat sensors. That’s the type of convenience that smart window treatments offer. Since window curtains are used to reduce the amount of heat and light that enters and leaves the house to prevent heat loss, automating them makes it easier open and close them. Additionally, the ability to program the opening and closing schedules means you won’t ever have to worry about forgetting to open or close your windows.

2. They Increase the Value of Your Home

Smart window treatments have green features that increase efficiency in any home while maximizing functionality. Energy efficiency is a very desirable aspect in the real estate market. Moreover, home automation is growing in popularity, which means installing smart window treatments will not only help you save on heating bills while making your life easier, but also increase the value of your home in case you may want to sell it in future.

3. Smart Home Integration

These window treatments have a set of sensors and data that are used to determine when to open or close them to reduce energy use. These sensors do this by determining the time of the day, the type of weather and the temperature levels in the house. Through using all these points of reference, the heat sensors can sense when the room is getting too hot and open the curtains instead of turning on the air conditioner, or do the reverse whenever the room becomes cooler than it should be.

4. Smart Lighting

Smart window treatments can also be paired with intelligent lighting systems to help in maximizing the amount of daylight in your house, which in turn reduces electricity usage. For instance, smart window treatments can be programmed to turn off lights whenever they open and do the reverse when they close.

5. Protects Your Décor and Furniture from Harmful UV Rays

While the sun is good for warmth and lighting, these two aspects can damage your expensive furniture, upholstery, artwork and any other decorative pieces. Installing smart window treatments keeps you a step ahead of these harmful rays by automatically lowering shades whenever extreme UV levels are detected, thus protecting your most treasured possessions from getting damaged.

6. Great for Heights

While installing smart window treatments adds convenience to any home, it’s even more beneficial for homes with high windows, where it’s challenging to open and close the treatments manually. Smart windows are very effective for high windows and skylights. So if your home has high windows or skylights, automated window treatments are a must have.

7. Safety

Any parent will tell you how the lack of loosely hanging curtain cords in a home is a significant safety feature—they won’t have to worry about keeping their pets and children away from them. Apart from eliminating hanging chords, smart window treatments also provide additional safety advantages. E.g. they can be integrated with the smoke sensors to automatically open your curtains when a fire is detected in your house, allowing emergency units to see into the house.

8. Security

The smart opening and closing of these window treatments can create an illusion of occupancy in a home. Similarly, when these window treatments are connected to an intelligent home system, they can shut when the homeowners leave and open when they’re back, courtesy of the geo-fencing technology.

As you’ve seen, installing smart window treatments is among the best ways to breathe life into your stylish home. While the initial cost might seem higher, it’s vital to consider all the benefits that come with installing them. Whether you’re eager to do the installation soon or you’re thinking of doing so when the market has been thoroughly exploited, using smart technology for your all your window treatments should definitely find itself in your home improvement list.




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