Custom Shutters

Custom Shutters


For a bold yet classic window covering, shutters are the way to go. These treatments work similarly to blinds in the sense that they feature slatted louvers that can be adjusted to control light levels. However, they are installed directly onto your windows, making them a more permanent and sturdier option. And since they are affixed to your windows, you most likely want shutters that flawlessly match the rest of your Chicagoland home’s interior. Luckily, you can turn to Drapery Connection for custom shutters.


Beautifully functional and expertly crafted, our products satisfy even the most discriminating tastes. Drapery Connection proudly offers shutters in a variety of exotic and natural hardwoods—such as pine, cedar, oak, and basswood—as well as finishes and louver styles to endow your shutters with a sense of character and uniqueness. If you have wood floors or furniture in your home, you’ll be able to create a cohesive theme by adding custom-crafted wood shutters. Or, perhaps you currently have no wood components and are hoping to add one with these shutters. Either way, your custom shutters are sure to tie the room together.


To start the process for your custom window shutters, we’ll schedule a complimentary consultation at your home to sit down with you and discuss your options in person. We’ll even bring samples of the previously mentioned woods, finishes, and louver styles, so you can see them in person and visualize how they will look in your house. Other factors we’ll discuss include budget and functionality so that you’re receiving custom shutters that not only look great but are also affordable and convenient for you to use.

Once everything is finalized, we’ll get to work building your custom shutters. Drapery Connection shutters are made with extraordinary craftsmanship yet don’t require lengthy periods of time to be created. Finally, once your shutters are ready, the last step is an expert installation that will be performed by our certified installers. You’ll have additional peace of mind knowing that your shutters are protected by a 10-year performance assurance as part of our 4-Way Guarantee.

Call today for a free consultation and a carefully measured in-home estimate. Drapery Connection proudly serves residents of Chicagoland, Illinois.