Shutter Questions

Frequently Asked Questions and What You Need To Know

  1. What Louver Size Shall I Choose?

    1 1/4" , 1 3/4", & 2 1/2" tend to be traditional in style.  3 1/2" can work both ways, traditional and contemporary, 4 1/2" & 5 1/4" are contemporary.  As the louvers get larger, the style grows more contemporary and the view through the louvers increases.

    Example:Traditional Shutters are smaller panels and usually fall between 6" and 12". Traditional Shutters can be folded off the window, while plantation shutters are left closed and the slats are opened and closed for light and view.

  2. How Many Panels per Window?

    While this is not a hard and fast rule, the following is the most common:
       Up to 26" wide window – 1 panel
       Up to 50" wide window – 2 panels
       Up to 98" wide window – 4 panels

    As the panels get wider, the style grows more contemporary and the view through the louvers increases.

  3. Wood vs. Vinyl Shutters?

    Wood gives a more luxurious feel, such as comparing a genuine wood floor to one of the new laminate floors.  While wood is more flexible as to the finish. Vinyl is advantageous in humid damp areas and cost is less than wood. Both products give the same basic look and are very durable.

  4. Should I Use a Horizontal Dividing Rail?

    Totally optional.  Use it for privacy, to cover a window lock, or if you just like them.  Some Shutters require divider rails at certain heights while others can be made with no divider rail.

  5. What About Double Hung?

    Double hung shutters are two sets of shutters one over the other, working independently.  The panels swing open and the louver moves separatly from each other. We do not recommend double hung in plantation shutters.  The double rail, where the top and bottom panels meet, tend to block the view and there is a 1/8" gap between the panels.  Most people control light just by tiling the louvers, therefore, we recommend a divider rail instead.

  6. Can Shutters go on My French Doors?

    Yes, using the "L" frame and button catches, shutters are the most stable treatment possible while remaining fully functional.

  7. What About My Sliding Glass Door?

    If the door is 6 feet or less wide, we recomend treating the opening as a window – 4 panels, 2 left & 2 right.  Over 6 feet wide, use a by-pass track.

  8. What Color Shutters Should I Go With?

    Generally, the shutters color should go with the trim in the room; however, you can choose to use a wood floor stain or the wall color.

  9. Why Are Shutters So Popular?

    Their look is not dated. They become a permanent fixture of your home, matching any style and color.  Shutters are as decorative outside as inside adding value to your home.

  10. How Long Does It Take From Order to Installation?

    Time on custom shutter installation varies with product and time of year.  Time of installation from time of order with manufacturer can vary from 4 to 16 weeks.

  11. Is There A Manufacturer Warranty on Shutters?

    Each shutter manufacturer has a different length of time on warranty.  All of our shutters are guaranteed not to warp.  Proper fit and operation are also guaranteed.

For more information call us, fax us, or email us and we will mail or fax, pictures or answer any question you may have.

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