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Creating a comfortable space to come home to has never been easier. Indow window inserts block cold drafts in winter and hot air in summer to save you energy year round, reduce outside noise and help you control light.

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“You pop them out and you pop them in. It takes just a second.”

– Maggie in Portland

Easy as 1-2-3

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Our inserts aren’t windows. They aren’t exterior storms. Instead, they press into the interior of your existing window frames as easy as 1 – 2 – 3 to block drafts and eliminate noise. Made of acrylic edged in our patented silicone compression tube, each insert is custom manufactured using laser measurements of your window openings. This ensures a precise, snug fit since most windows are not square.

Exceptional Comfort and Efficiency


Indow window inserts seal out cold winter air and hot summer drafts, regulating the temperature of your house year round to save you as much as 20 percent on heating and cooling bills.*

* The US Department of Energy and Portland State University have conducted independent studies that showed homeowners saving around 20% on their heating and cooling bills. The studies were conducted in Northwestern USA.

Block Outside Noise

Want quiet? Every Indow insert grade reduces outside noise by at least 50 percent when placed over operable single-pane windows. Our Acoustic Grade does a superior job, reducing noise by 70 percent.**

**Note, overall noise reduction performance depends on how much noise is coming through walls, ceilings, floor, and doors. The window noise reduction will be less when Indow inserts are placed over double-pane windows. We do not recommend Indow inserts for reducing noise coming through laminated glass windows, triple pane windows, or hurricane windows.

We developed our efficient measurement process to create inserts that fit precisely every time, even when the window frame is out-of-square. At Indow, we know unique problems require custom solutions. Get a free estimate today with your authorized Indow dealer.