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This Contract is subject to the following terms and conditions:



Drapery Connection reserves the right to collect additional monies for orders installed or delivered in phases. Credit card customers hereby extend charge authorization to pay all unpaid balances when the product is ready to be delivered. If final payment by credit card is not possible, then balance is due in advance of installation or delivery.

All completed but not picked up or installed orders are subject to a 3% Finance Charge per month if held over 10 days.

FOR FURNISH ONLY ORDERS: Payment is due in-full upon placing order.


All material is guaranteed to be a specified. All work to be completed in a workmanship like manner according to standard practices.

Any alteration or deviation from above specifications involving extra costs will become an extra charge over and above the estimate.

I understand this order is being custom made and not subject to cancellation, exchange or refund.

  1. Drapery Connection cannot be held responsible for the decision of a manufacturer to discontinue an item or a fabric.Manufacturer’s prices are subject to change without notice to us; we honor prices quoted for a reasonable time only, but once an order is placed with us, those prices are not changed.
  2. If any item subject to this order cannot be supplied, Drapery Connection may supply similar items of like quality satisfactory to the purchaser. If the parties cannot agree to a substitution, the amount due Drapery Connection will be credited by the price of the non-supplied items, and the balance of this purchase agreement shall be performed by the parties as if the non-supplied items were not a part of this agreement.
  3. Drapery Connection shall not be liable for any delay or for any loss or damage caused by a delay in its performance of its undertakings.
  4. Purchaser shall inspect each item immediately upon delivery. It shall be conclusively presumed that the items were delivered in good condition and in conformance with this purchase agreement unless within three business days of delivery of any item purchaser shall notify Drapery Connection of any non-conformance stating specifically where an item does not conform. If Drapery Connection cannot remedy the non conformance within a reasonable time, the non-conforming items shall be returned and purchaser shall be given credit for the purchase price of those items.
  5. All risk of loss or damage to the items shall be borne by the purchaser on and after the times the items are delivered to purchaser, and any destruction or loss of or damage to the items after delivery shall not affect the obligation of the purchaser to pay for same.
  6. During installation or application of any items, purchaser shall furnish a safe place for the storage of the items and Drapery Connection supplies, tools, and equipment, a safe place for Drapery Connection’s employees to work and all necessary light, heat, elevator service and comfort facilities for Drapery Connection’s employees.
  7. All warranties by Drapery Connection express or implied including the implied warranty of merchantability are hereby excluded and purchaser’s sole recourse for breach of any of those warranties shall be against the manufacturers of such items.
  8. All orders for additional items whether oral or written made subsequent to this purchase agreement shall be subject to the terms and conditions hereof unless otherwise provided in writing.
  9. This agreement contains the entire agreement of the parties, and no changes, modifications, amendments or cancellations shall be effective unless in writing and accepted by a Drapery Connection Representative.
  10. We reserve the right to cancel any order at any time by notifying you in writing and returning any monies received by us from you on account against the cancelled order.
  11. There will be a charge of $35.00 imposed for any check returned to us because of insufficient funds.
  12. We retain title to merchandise until it has been delivered or picked-up and paid for in-full.
  13. Attorney fees and costs: If default is made in any payment due under this contract, to secure the payment of said amount, the customer hereby agrees and authorizes that he/she is liable for such amounts as may appear to be unpaid thereon, together with reasonable costs of collection including reasonable attorney’s fees.

Keep this contract – All claims and returned goods must be accompanied by this contract.


I understand that the choice of materials and colors are my decision. Any special orders or cut-to-measure items are not subject to change or cancellation after material has been ordered. (If any materials can be returned to the manufacturer there will be a 35% return charge plus the freight charge.)