Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades Make a Beautiful & Functional Addition to Chicagoland Homes

Cellular Shades Chicagoland ILIf you think that window shades are merely a means for controlling light levels and privacy in your home, think again. The right shades can do this and so much more. For example, as homeowners in Chicagoland have become more concerned about their energy usage, cellular window shades have increased in popularity. This is because cellular shades have a closed-cell design, which creates pockets of air that helps insulate the window and reduce heat transfer. When closed, these windows shades can have a significant impact on energy usage, potentially reducing monthly utility costs.

Cellular Shades from Drapery Connection

Drapery Connection is proud to offer top-of-the-line cellular window shades that are designed to not only provide best-in-class thermal performance, but also block UV rays which can fade your furniture, flooring, and other belongings. And, when you partner with us, you’ll get to enjoy these benefits without sacrificing beauty. In fact, our cellular shades offer sleek, modern appeal and can be customized to suit your exact preferences. Choose from a wide array of colors, designs, patterns, and even decorative top treatments to truly make your shades your own.

You can even choose from many different levels of opacity ranging from sheer to blackout, and liners can also be added to enhance privacy and light control. And to make operating your shades as simple as possible, we can add motorization.

Schedule Your Consultation

At Drapery Connection, each project begins with a complimentary design consultation. We’ll show you samples of our products and educate you about your options, enabling you to make the best decision for your home. And, if you hire us, you can feel secure knowing the project will be backed by our incredible 4-Way Guarantee, which guarantees fair pricing, on-time appointments, exceptional craftsmanship, and 10-year product performance. Contact us today to learn more about our cellular shades and to schedule a free design consultation at your Chicagoland-area home.


Cellular Shades are a stylish way to boost the energy efficiency of your home. An attractive closed cell design creates pockets of air that insulate windows from heat and cold to lower your energy bills year round. Offering excellent sound absorption, cellular shades also reduce noise in rooms with hard flooring.

Cellular shades come in many sizes and opacity levels:


  • 3/8″ Single Cell
  • 3/8″ Double Cell
  • 3/4″ Single Cell
  • 3/4″ Double Cell


  • Sheer
    Allows most natural light light to come in; good for rooms where light control and privacy are not a concern.
  • Light Filtering
    Gently diffuses light and provides moderate privacy; found in lighter fabric colors.
  • Room Darkening
    Significantly dims light and increases privacy; found in deeper fabric colors.
  • Blackout
    Provides maximum light control and complete privacy; regardless of fabric color.
  • Without Liner
    Allows the most natural light to enter your room.
  • Privacy Liner
    Allows diffused light to enter the room; objects appear as silhouettes from the outside.
  • Blackout Liner
    Blocks most light from entering the room; provides complete privacy.

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