Motorized Window Coverings – How To Have Them Automated for Your Life


Motorized or automated window treatments and the remote control is a perfect solution to manage sun and glare. Most of the window coverings are powered. Having your window fashions automated can have very useful solutions for day-to-day living. Tasks such as controlling glare, adjusting those inaccessible window coverings and safeguarding valuable furnishings from the sun are now made easy. Just by the touch of a button, window coverings may be at once adjusted to changing activities or the fluctuating solar conditions. The methods of motorization are as varied as the coverings themselves.

With a touch of a button, blinds and shades will close or open to altering to the sunlight in a room. Having shades automatically lower or lift at certain times of the day assist in managing heat waste during the winter and heat gain in summer months lessening monthly energy bills. One-touch privacy also helps effect the ideal environment whether relaxing in bed, relishing time with the family at home or preparing for a bath. There are timers that can be programmed to automatically adjust the window products at current times all through the day. This feature gives increased security to an unoccupied home through creating a lived-in look even when homeowners are away on vacation.

Motorization is possible for a group of window treatments and is available with built-in Radio Technology. RTS means shades can be operated anywhere in the house practically without a direct line of sight. Similar to how the garage door openers operate, a radio signal travels through walls and makes it possible to control many coverings right via the home as a group or alone, RTS enables users to operate their window products individually or as a group. Options include wireless wall switches, tabletop devices, sun sensors, programmable timers, and hand-held remote controls. 

Now, just touching of a button, hard-to-reach window treatments are effortless to control. It’s no longer needed to reach over furniture, go up the ladder in the two-story foyer to adjust the shades and blinds, step onto a stool in the kitchen or climb into the bathtub. Automated window fashions solve the weakness of trying to adjust broad or heavy shades and offer ease of use for the elderly or handicapped. The laborious task of lifting and lowering a diversity of products is now simplified.

They may be battery powered. Doors, windows, skylights and particular building construction could create a challenge in concealing unpleasant power cords. The solution is wire-free battery-powered systems. Battery technology powers a range of window products that can be installed in minutes. RTS motors are compatible with a broad choice of controls: wireless wall switches, hand-held remotes, and automated timers.

Plug-in system may be desirable for maintenance-free operation. You only need to plug into a standard household wall outlet. The small power cord can be tucked behind side panels, draperies, top treatments, along window frame molding or furniture to preserve room decor. In case you plan before building your house, you can run hard wiring to the windows in the house. That way you do not have disagreeable drooping cords or to hassle with dead batteries.

Motorized Window Coverings could be combined with an elaborate home automation system. Smart homes as they are called, which have been portrayed as a well-known concept, are briskly becoming a reality. The same, touch-screen, wall panel that controls lighting, remote, security, audio-video equipment, and HVAC can also adjust powered window coverings. And with a flat-screen trend changing practically any room in the home into a “home theater.” Automated window coverings black-out is turning to be part of the norm nowadays. Also, the software is readily available to allow remote control from the internet, so that you can control motorized window products even if you are away.

Technology is continually progressing. Movements that looks normal to us, such as shutting a blind manually, are today considered old fashioned. With the complete range of motors and controls, window treatment motorization offers a choice of solutions, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. This allows you to feel a more desirable quality of life and have more time to reap the benefits of life’s daily pleasures.

Motorized window coverings are well worth the amount spent on them, however, for their convenience, easy-care, and the sheer wonder of the technological achievement they represent. The futuristic, automated house often shown in popular scientific magazines is brought a step closer by these devices, which will make your house more pleasant for you and be a major selling point if you decide to put your home on the market in the future.




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