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  1. Wood blind cleaning tips

    ... out our Wood Blind Pinterest Board How to clean wood blinds without damaging their natural elements: - To reduce static cling and ... as they will scratch or damage the surface. - Allow blinds to air dry to preserve the dust repellant properties of the slats. - ... Drapery Connection offers a free in-home service to all our clients. ...

    draperyconnection - 07/17/2016 - 13:52


    ... feature helps to facilitate smooth operation. And as with all Somfy products the new Glystro® 50 is backed by a 5 year warranty. ... shutters, exterior solar screens, interior shades, wood blinds, draperies, projection screens and more. Somfy motorization systems are ...

    draperyconnection - 07/19/2016 - 08:28

  3. Home Automation-Save Money & Enhance Your Lifestyle-Some Exciting Applications

    ... turning off different lights throughout the home. Your blinds close. Your music turns off. If you have forced-air heat, it is set back. All from one button press. 3) Set whole house scenes for different events ...

    draperyconnection - 07/17/2016 - 14:11

  4. Faux Wood Blinds Vinyl Blinds As An Alternative To Wood Blinds

    draperyconnection's blog Faux wood blinds are the most common form of blinds used as window coverings. This is ... they are more durable than real wood and are suitable for all rooms of the home, even those with high levels of humidity. Faux wood ...

    draperyconnection - 12/09/2008 - 08:00

  5. A Guide To Roman Blinds

    draperyconnection's blog Roman blinds provide a sophisticated and elegant look in any room of your home. Most ... make a statement in just about any room. Shape All roman blinds are flat panels of fabric when they are extended all the way ...

    draperyconnection - 10/05/2008 - 11:04

  6. Soft Shades, Roman, Austrian, Festoon, London, Semi and Full Crossover Blinds

    draperyconnection's blog Soft Shades and Blinds Soft Shades refer to Roman Blinds, Austrian Blinds, Festoon Blinds ... adding a swagged or shaped base, trims or buttons and bows. All of our Roman Blinds are pre-joined to ensure pattern matching and have ...

    draperyconnection - 04/20/2008 - 08:00

  7. Vinyl Mini Blinds - A Cheap Alternative To Expensive Drapes

    draperyconnection's blog Vinyl mini blinds offer a large selection of blinds in colors and styles to suit any ... without the detailed care that fabric blinds require. All vinyl mini blinds and aluminum blinds come with a snap on valance ...

    draperyconnection - 09/11/2008 - 09:00

  8. Bali Window Blinds- Window Blinds With Style and Less Effort

    draperyconnection's blog Bali window blinds is the best custom window blinds resource for information about selecting custom window blinds. They ... always look for the best size of Bali blinds that can fit all kinds of window.   ...

    draperyconnection - 10/10/2008 - 11:29

  9. November Promotions

    ... Free Cordless Lift on Graber cellular shades and wood blinds! Free Lining on all Custom Draperies! Genesis Roller Shades an Additional 10% off! ...

    draperyconnection - 01/04/2016 - 14:34

  10. a guide to the types of vertical blinds

    draperyconnection's blog Vertical blinds are often thought of as necessities. They are a way to block out the ... of materials that vertical blinds can be created from. All of their own unique and individual use as well as features to add style to ...

    draperyconnection - 12/23/2008 - 08:00


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