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  1. How To Choose The Right Style Of Window Treatment For Your Home

    ... them downright with cane rods for the curtain holders and blinds that were made of cane slats for an island look. When we added some ... look. If you opt to go with blinds as we have in all of our houses then you have many more catalogs. You can choose aluminum, ...

    draperyconnection - 07/17/2016 - 14:09

  2. Blight: Illuminating Solar Blinds Turn Night to Day

    ... Gerkens' Blight offers a brilliant twist on staid venetian blinds. Rather than serving simply to block the sun's rays, the design ... of an everlasting product: the Venetian blind . We use all the current functions of this object and add a little technology to give it ...

    draperyconnection - 07/17/2016 - 14:11

  3. Bay Window Treatment Ideas

    ... concern that many interior designers take seriously. After all, a single glimpse from the panes of a window can show any passerby the ... three windows. If you cannot afford heavy drapes, use simple blinds or sheer curtains to mute incoming light. If you like heavy curtains, ...

    draperyconnection - 07/19/2016 - 08:24

  4. What are the Differences between Window Treatments and Window Coverings?

    draperyconnection's blog All I want is a little clarity. I am the type of person who gets bothered by ... my own industry. You see, it's my job to write about window blinds and shades and the terms, window treatments and coverings are bantered ...

    draperyconnection - 07/17/2016 - 14:11

  5. Don't overlook the window treatments when it's time to redecorate

    ... windows are entire walls. "People are wanting to have all this light coming in and wanting these great views."  But planning is ... during the construction phase. Many consumers "just throw blinds up because they don't know what else to do. That's a mistake." But ...

    draperyconnection - 07/16/2016 - 09:05

  6. Recent window trends keep energy efficiency in view

    ... redecorated her dining room. New drapes went up, old blinds came down . She loved the look but didn't enjoy the heat penetrating ... in the windows. The results were so impressive that she had all downstairs windows and those in the south- and west-facing upstairs rooms ...

    draperyconnection - 07/19/2016 - 08:28

  7. Roman Shades - Grab And Run Tips

    ... - opaque) lining is thick and less flexible, it may take all the spunk out of the vibrant fabric. Make sure to keep this point in mind ... and refined look than other window treatments like mini blinds or non-fabric vertical blinds. From flat to hobbled, a simple pull ...

    draperyconnection - 07/19/2016 - 08:28

  8. Best treatment for your panes

    ... live with stark-naked windows. A few simple guidelines are all you need to get going on dressing them up, the experts say. The first ... include privacy or blackout linings.) Wood shutters and blinds are another handsome way to moderate light and views, and they're a good ...

    draperyconnection - 07/19/2016 - 08:28

  9. Soft, medium & hard treatments, unite!

    ... the room within. Add a sheer layer, or screen shadings or blinds for a crisp and tailored look that brings additional light and energy ... experienced professional, I am in the position to know about all the best products available for every window treatment need. I bring with ...

    draperyconnection - 07/19/2016 - 08:28

  10. Window Fashion Using Roller Shades

    ... section of the market for other systems such as venetian blinds. Roller screens offer a unique ability to regulate light ... range from just a slight filter for the elimination of glare all the way to total black out. In all instances it is important to select the ...

    draperyconnection - 07/19/2016 - 08:28


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