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Like any other home element, window styles go in and out of fashion. There was the narrow horizontal ranch house window, the plain double-hung Sears kit house window, the curtain-challenging towering palladium window of the '90s.  The latest trend is less about style and more about energy efficiency. From triple panes to solar insulation, homeowners are choosing windows that reduce the bottom line on electric bills while preventing ultraviolet ray damage to furnishings.

Decorating the windows of your house might just be the answer to that little missing touch in doing up the interiors. Bindu Gopal Rao finds out more about drapes, blinds and window accessories.

 Keep the sun at bay

More people are adding shades and blinds to their skylights so brightness isn't an issue, said skylight installer Ron Ethridge. The shades and blinds can be operated manually with a long pole or electronically with a remote control. Some skylights are available in "smart glass" that can be darkened with a dimmer switch.

 By David Ferguson

The second step is to "frame" the window by installing attractive side drapes made from a fabric that works with the view outside and drapery hardware that complements the wood furniture.

Placed under the window, the sofa can be upholstered in a fabric similar to the draperies to draw even more attention to that area of the room.

 By Cheryll Gillespie

Speaking of boundaries, screens and wall to wall drapery can work wonders in a small space to section off specific areas: hide a kitchen, a bed or a wall of cabinetry or home office. To make this drapery work, attach drapery rods to the ceiling and allow the drapery to fall to the floor.


Window treatments are also a challenge when designing a family living area.

Couture says to choose ones "that roll up high like Roman shades" to keep them safe from kids and pets.

Long thinks it's important to factor in whether the room will be used for a lot of TV watching.

"You need to think about light control. A light sheer window treatment, for example may not work for TV viewing," he says.


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