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By Gail Borelli McClatchy-Tribune Tucson, Arizona | Published: 04.08.2007

It's spring ” time to pull down the heavy draperies and let the sun shine in.
For an airy curtain that won't block the light, try sewing together lacy women's handkerchiefs, as shown in the March issue of Better Homes and Gardens. The dainty handkerchiefs are available cheap at just about every flea market and antiques shop; some are quite charming.

Design Challenges - We Can Solve Them

Window coverings can be a room focal point or subtle enhancement to a great scenic view. Windows can actually be art in your room. No other decorative enhancement to your home affords such freedom and personal self-expression. Through window design, the tone and feeling of your home - your family lifestyle - are visible for you to enjoy every day of the year.

No matter where we live, February brings us to the heart of winter... and pulses quicken with the hope of early spring just around the corner. Home is where we keep safe and warm, so why not look indoors to let the sun shine in, with an updated outlook in window treatment and room design!


All kids grow up and so does their taste. So when one teen is ready for her bland bedroom to suit her fun style, our design team gives it a colorful kick.

Kelly is a busy 15-year-old with out a good place to hang out. This is her bedroom. It's a good size, but...

Kelly Kneeland, teenager
"It is kind of boring. I mean, the last time it was decorated I was six years old."

IADORE draperies. When they're designed well they function as light control, temperature control, and they give unmistakably beautiful ambiance to a room.

But what do you do when those beautiful draperies need cleaning? Usually draperies of good quality only need vacuuming with the soft brush attachment of your vacuum. But if your draperies are hung in the top window of a 16-foot wall like many are, they are difficult to reach and may be dangerous to execute. Some window treatments have been soiled by accident.

Humor seems to be a big part of the eclectic design picture this year. That flocked wallpaper we loved to hate is hot once again, but this time in bigger and bolder patterns. No more thought of as stuffy, this retro paper pairs up with molded contemporary furniture and bright, spicy colors for a fresh, new look.

Gaining privacy without feeling like you're in a maximum security cell is a mission in itself, but when you also have to factor in environmentally sustainable design processes, it can leave you scratching your head.

Shutterflex has been an innovator in window screens, shutters and louvers for over 20 years, and is dedicated to providing a wide range of quality privacy and security products.

Draperies and curtains play an integral part of the Christmas tradition for most TT women. For some people, without a new set of curtains, their Christmas is dull and drab. Some don't even feel the Christmas spirit unless they have their curtains readily prepared and according to one woman, curtain first and ham last. Some women wait until the clock strikes 12.00 on Christmas morning before adorning their homes with curtains.


The durable DecoWood wood grain timber look is now available for plantation shutters and louvers, providing an alternative for window hardware. DecoWood offers the natural beauty of timber combined with the strength and durability of aluminium, an important feature of all window shutters and louvers.

Dated '80s decor redesigned into sexy, modern oasis

By Candice Olson, Hgtv December 9, 2006

Milena and Bill are recently married 30-somethings who have just bought a house, but that is where their similarities end. Milena is an energetic South American who loves to salsa dance and shake things up, while Bill is a conservative North American who likes things just a bit quieter.


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