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Every room needs balance, places for the eyes to focus, weight distributed throughout the room so it doesn't appear lopsided. Think of your room as a scale and always add a bit more to one side or the other so as not to tip it too much in one direction.

Window coverings rank among the most important elements in interior design and offer an effective yet often overlooked way of personalizing a room. After all, window coverings are among the few home furnishings that rarely come ready-made.

The look of a setting can be enhanced or ruined by the window treatment. This allows for plenty of latitude. With practically limitless combinations, it's easy to make a window treatment look custom-made.

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What to remember about window coverings:

By L.B. WHYDE Advocate Reporter

NEWARK -- Julie Johnston and her partner, Jodi Homsi, didn't know what they were getting themselves into when they agreed to be the interior designers for a house on the Columbus BIA Parade of Homes.

Not only did they not realize how much work it was going to be, they never expected to win the gold award for best interior and best kitchen design.

01:00 AM EDT on Sunday, June 17, 2007 By CHRISTINA S.N. LEWIS and LORETTA CHAO The Wall Street Journal

Eve Sinclair was so proud of the decorating job she'd done on her Los Angeles apartment that she decided last month to enter it in a contest sponsored by a home-design Web site. After spending two days cleaning, vacuuming and primping the 640-square-foot space, the 33-year-old furniture-company manager posted pictures and waited to hear the public's verdict.

It wasn't great.

Restoring the historic Newell Farm Manor has been a labor of love for West Newbury residents Bill and Daphne Papp.

There are degrees of formality throughout the house. At the higher-end of the scale is a grand ballroom wallpapered in cream and gold tones to match the formal drapery and corner couches. Other rooms feature vibrant toile wallpaper and matching drapery in rich hues of blues, yellows and reds.

It's amazing how early in our development we start fantasizing about our living environment. Most young children, if asked, will suggest how they want their bedrooms to be decorated.

Other hints can be had from a small book called "Style to Go: Bed and Bath," written by Josh Garskof and published by The Taunton Press. It presents simple but seldom applied decorating ideas such as drapery alcoves.

Installing a film on your windows is one way you can cut down on your energy bills.

Another bonus of window films - they can result in significant fade protection for furniture, carpet, and draperies.

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By Anna Webb - Idaho Statesman Edition Date: 05/09/07

Ten truths about Monica Macha's Drape Couture, an independent design business tucked into a deep, cool and cavernous brown space in Grove Street's Linen District that specializes in high-end window treatments.

THE SIMPLE REAL ESTATE LAW OF FIXTURES. Most home buyers and sellers, and even their real estate agents, often do not understand the simple law of fixtures.

A "fixture" is moveable personal property, which, by means of bolts, nails, screws, cement, glue, or other attachment method, has been converted to real property. Clearly, that dining room chandelier had been converted from personal property to real property because of its permanent attachment to the structure. Nothing was said in the sales contract about its exclusion from the condo sale.


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