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When you think about draperies (or curtains) or window treatments, what is the first fabric choice that comes to mind? For many people, it is probably silk. It is usually fairly lightweight and allows lots of natural light to fill your room, and in the South, it's usually not necessary to have heavier fabrics to keep out cold drafts.

Never before have we been so interested in making these long-overlooked spaces in our homes into something higher: places to be decorated and enjoyed like any other part of the home, with amenities that make us feel pampered, invigorated, and even more relaxed. Today we pay a lot more attention to the materials we choose in creating these personalized spaces than ever before, and the window areas should be no exception!

You've decided to update a room in your home. Now what? Ignore your first instinct to call an interior designer and try the bookstore or Internet.

Collecting pictures from design books or Web sites really helps the designer understand your vision, says Celia Welch, owner of Celia Welch Interiors (301-654-4728) in Bethesda. Flipping through photos is one of the first things Welch does with clients to get a sense of their style. We asked Welch to share her favorites.

Since 1939 we have proudly served Chicagoland's decorating and window covering needs. Drapery Connection offers the widest selection of products and pricing of any window coverings business. You can always count on paying less than retail price for thousands of fabrics, custom workmanship, bedspreads, shades, blinds, shutters. We are certified automation experts, experienced in home automation integration and electrical design for motorized window coverings. Products and workmanship sold by Drapery Connection are of the highest quality.

Motorization & Window Automation
Motorized Window Coverings and Systems can be controlled by a remote or wall switch to allow ease of use (especially on very tall or hard-to-get-at windows).

Drapery Connection - Motorization & Window Automation

All-weather decor can make outside cozy, comfortable

With people relaxing and entertaining outdoors these days, the patio has become a second living room.
By Shari Hiller, Scripps Howard News Service July 14, 2007

he truth is we have grown to love our outdoor spaces, resurrecting our living rooms with a twist out on the patio. It doesn't seem to matter whether we can only use them for several months of the year, or all year long, we still have begun decorating them like we do indoors.

Four Young Designers On Their Way Up

By Terri Sapienza Washington Post Staff Writer Thursday, July 12, 2007

See these fresh faces? They represent a new crop of talent on Washington's design scene. They have worked at some of the coolest shops and showrooms in town. They've interned with local decorators, networked within the design community and started their own companies and Web sites. They, and other young practitioners like them, will be setting design directions here in the years to come.

By Zara Stender Special to the Mercury News

Q My elderly mother is moving in with us this summer. We have a three-bedroom, two-bath home but are looking for ways to make her bedroom and bath (which have been serving as our storage rooms) feel like her own. Any suggestions on using color or interior design to create a special space for her?


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