5 Decorating Tips to Calm the Senses

The daily grind can be stressful, with busy lifestyles and schedules impacting us long after we leave the office or put the kids to bed. Leave your stress at the door by introducing a few new design elements to your home that stimulate and activate your senses, which are often neglected in our demanding


These five decorating tips to help calm the senses are simple: You can change the feel of a room without an entire overhaul. Keep reading for some mood-boosting swaps.

Seek Some Shade

Natural light and privacy are among the most important elements of a calming, inviting home. Choosing the right window treatments can help you achieve both—letting in just the right amount of light while keeping your home private. Often overlooked, window coverings are one of the first elements that add a certain vibe to a room. While selecting window coverings might sound daunting, Roman shades are a great option for most rooms as they’re easily customizable with specific fabric, opacity and color palettes. Plus, they offer a variety of control options for more light and privacy control.

Roman shades can help you control the light and openness of your home, while blending into a room’s décor and adding a softness to the look and feel.

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