Victorian-style drapes on windows at Mabel Hartzell Home | Drapery Connection
Published: August 2, 2017 3:00 AM
2 of 3 Photos | Karen Perone poses in the formal Victorian parlor where new draperies with tieback tassels and elaborate valances with festoons and side swags are hung. (Submitted photo)
Those touring the Mabel Hartzell Historical Home during the Carnation City Festival will see new draperies in keeping with the style of the Victorian era home. The annual festival-week open house, with the updated look, is just one of the features this year as the home celebrates its 150th anniversary.
The drapery project was conceived and undertaken by Karen Perone, past-president of the Alliance Historical Society.
The original draperies were removed in the early 1990s and only lace panels were on the windows until last year when Historical Society life members were asked to contribute to a curtain call wish list fund.
Nearly $3,800 was collected to purchase fabric and supplies to create new draperies and window coverings for the 24 windows in the historic home.
Perone also brought much experience to the project.
Victorian-style drapes on windows at Mabel Hartzell Home

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