Window Coverings Can Make You Feel Cooler in the Summer | Drapery Connection


Get blinds

If you’re considering different interior window covering options and heat coming through your windows is a concern, blinds may be a good choice. There are thermal blinds, which have some visibility through them which allow you to still see outside. They can help reduce heat gain by up to 45 per cent, while still having the option of raising or opening them easily whenever you want.

Carefully select drapes

If you’re going with drapes for your windows, you’ll want to consider more than the way they look. A drapery’s ability to reduce heat loss and gain depends on several factors, including fabric type (closed or open weave), and colour. Studies demonstrate that medium-coloured draperies with white thermal backings can reduce heat gains by up to 33 per cent. Draperies also stay cooler in the summer than some other window treatments because their pleats and folds lose heat through convection.

For maximum heat and light control, look for blackout fabric. Previously the purview of drapery makers only, drapery fabric with a built-in blackout lining is now available in fabric stores. A high-quality blackout fabric or lining blocks 100 per cent of light (great for children’s rooms in the summer). New advancements in the production of drapery lining have brought the price down and made it a better, softer-draping product than before. It is now easy to find in panels that can be added to the back of existing drapery. They can be cut to size by the homeowner and, because the fabric does not fray, does not require hemming. This is the most immediate, and exceptionally effective, method of blocking heat transfer.

Put window coverings on a timer

Motorised window shades and automatic blinds are some of the hottest products for the savvy, smart homebuyer who wants to maximise their energy savings and have a smarter home. 

The ability to control your shades with a smart phone, or have them automatically open or close based on timers or preprogrammed conditions, is not only a cool home feature but it saves time and energy by using or defending against the sun’s rays.

This is key for people who want to make sure west-facing windows are covered during sunset and want east-facing windows to get natural light while driving home from work. Motorised blinds and shades can be part of a complete custom home-automation system, or they can be added one room at a time as your budget allows or needs require. One of the nice things about automatic shades in a home-automation system is that each room can be programmed to run its own scenes in its own way, depending on how the room is used.

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