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Are you planning on redecorating any of your rooms for the new year? A new splash of color can completely transform your living quarters into the most inviting space as a relaxing haven, or function as a center point for family activity and entertaining guests. An Exciting Windows! decorator consultant will help you to create the perfect custom window coverings that will complement your home’s décor. We would like to help celebrate the new year by offering a 20 percent discount on any custom window treatment when ordered in December 2016 and installed in January 2017.

Color Trends for This Fall and Winter

Each year the Pantone Color Institute carefully selects colors and trends to lead the industry into the following year. This year’s palette was inspired by tranquility, strength and optimism. Along with soothing earth tones, they feature vibrant and vivacious colors designed to create unique blends that reflect whatever feel you have in mind. We invite you to take a peek at this season’s feature palettes:



Riverside highlights the importance of blue and takes precedence in the collections. The unique blue gives of a cool and calming feel while remaining strong and stable. Riverside features subtle vibrancy and sophistication, an exciting and stable start that can easily be matched with a myriad of styles to create the custom look that you envision.

Airy Blue

Airy Blue continues where Riverside left off giving off a light, crisp energy that says “freedom”. The light, airy blue tone evokes weightlessness that counterbalances conflict. This serene tone matches beautifully with lush meadow, Warm Taupe or Dusty Cedar.


Sharkskin gives the edge you may be looking for while managing to keep it’s neutral base. Pair-able with nearly every other fall/winter color whether loud or subtle, Sharkskin can provide the base to showcase a layered look.

Aurora Red

Aurora Red provides contrast to the solid base of the fall palette with a unique red that is bold while remaining warm. Pleasing to the eye, it can bring the other colors to life with an exciting and dynamic feel that establishes confidence.

Warm Taupe

A hearty and comfortable neutral is approachable and pairs nicely with all of the top 10 fall shades. It’s warm energy supports a reassuring and stable feel. Organic and grounded, Warm Taupe is an earthy, pleasing and approachable neutral.

Dusty Cedar

Capturing the energy of the pink tones of spring, Dusty Cedar provides a fresh feel that establishes feelings of warmth and welcome.

Lush Meadow

Lush Meadow’s undeniable nod to nature — fresh botanicals and foliage are augmented by its brightness and depth.

Spicy Mustard

Vibrant, zesty and fun, Spicy Mustard Bounces elegantly off other patterns to provide an undeniable splash that demands notice. Pairing the dynamic color will cultivate conversation and comes through in both abstract and geometric accents.

Potter’s Clay


A neutral earth tone subtly boasts sophistication with a grounded undertone that avoided flatness. Perfect for establishing a strong and solid foundation to create around.



Reflective of it’s name, Bodacious screams the versatility that creates eye-turning color combinations that are unexpected during the fall and winter seasons. You can turn style into statements by pairing with pinks and reds and/or bright, rich purples with hints of undertones.

Patterns and solids coordinate to enhance the color scheme of this living room.

Neutral sheers complement the rich colors in this bedroom’s decor, providing a soothing, restful setting.


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