Trends in Window Treatments for 2016 | Drapery Connection

With the start of a New Year, there are new trends to become aware of, embrace and learn. For this year, the trends regarding window treatments have surfaced and they are eco-conscious, high-tech as well as quite fashion forward. The following will introduce you to those trends.

Motorization and Automation
A smart home that is also very well decorated is a component of the next frontier in regards to the blending of stylish home furnishings and technological innovation. Soon, operating cords that dangle will become but a distant memory. They are being replaced with motorized operating systems that are best described as advanced and will afford the possibility of operating an automating custom shades with a mere touch of a remote button or from your iPad or smart phone.

Metallic Details
Homeowners are beginning to truly embrace metallic colors and accents back into their decorating lives. Black stainless steel, rose gold, copper and more are making their way into window treatments and they are extremely eye-catching. The finishing offers an elevation to the furnishings within any respective room. Fabrics that feature woven in metallic threads provide subdued motifs that deliver and enhanced amount of individuality as well as “pop”.

Design that is Environmentally Conscious
Environmental sustainability practices and stewardship are gaining importance in regards to consumer shopping criteria in respect of their home. Such window treatments are constructed from recycled as well as sustainably sourced materials while featuring low chemical emissions. They are expressly stylish as their impact on the environment overall is very low.

Layered Designs
Dressing your windows with more than a single layer is actually quite energy efficient. This trend also affords you with an enhanced amount of privacy as well as better light filtering.

Now that you know the window treatment trends of 2016, schedule an appointment to upgrade and update your home today. We can assist you in creating a window treatment that will compliment your respective design scheme.

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