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Romancing your Room with Draperies

With custom full draw draperies or drapery side panels, your room can be unlike any other. It’s possible to create romantic extravaganza in your room using drapery. Clean, airy blinds are stylish and beautiful, but if you desire to have romance and opulence, decorating your room with drapery fabric is an excellent idea.

Draperies enrich and soften your room while adding sensuality and warmth. The light travels on the draperies’ folds, producing a full range of fabrics’ tones and colors while adding depth to your room and enhancing your furnishing’s color. They help your room stay cool in summer and warm in winter. Here are some draperies combinations that can produce that romantic atmosphere in your room.

Old World Vanity Elegance

Want to have Paris in your home? Simply add heavy, rich gold toned drapery to the vanity area, and reestablish the luxurious, European classiness.

Romantic Canopy Delight

That romantic canopy bed always has a soft fabric drapery, candlelight, and gorgeous chandelier. The drapery must be soft and swaying to the actions in the room. Further, the chandelier should be hanging low in the living space.

Choosing the Right Bedroom Wall Color

Should it be calming or a rich tone color? Choosing a high color depth can set the right mood. Selecting the right hue and color depth can allow one to play with the light, bright, soft and gorgeous toned drapery. It allows the use of creativity in the color scheme.

Would You Pick Pink?

Not many men will choose pink. However, it’s an excellent way of adding romance tour room. Pink exudes love, passion, and warmth and looks great with gray and white accents. It adds the statement of how romantic and thoughtful you are. Rose Quartz was chosen the wall color of the year for 2016 by Pantone

Who Selects the Wall Color?

Our designers are trained as color experts and they can help you coordinate your wall and trim paint colors. This is part of our service and is complimentary. Call Drapery Connection today for you free in-home consultation at 630-323-4845.

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