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As the summer comes to a close, there is no doubt we will all be relishing the little time we have left outside before the cold starts setting in. Have you considered exterior draperies and shades for your special space outside? Here are three spaces

#1 Eating and Grilling Areas

Patios and decks are a common place to barbecue or grill throughout the summer. Has the sun ever blinded you as you tried to cook or enjoy your food? How many times have the mosquitos become unbearable to the point it’s decided to move inside? Exterior solar screens are a great option for cutting sun exposure and even for locking the bugs out!

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[Insolroll Exterior Shades]

#2 Lounging Areas

Poolside lounging areas, verandas, and gazebos are another space that can use the sun and bug protection of solar screens or for a more decorative spin add some free-flowing sheers on a rod with pleats or Velcro tab tops for easy removal in the winter!

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[Helser Brothers Drapery Hardware]

#3 Windows from the Outside

We spend so much time making our window look great from the inside…why not on the outside as well? One great option to add a touch of interest to the outside of your home is to add awnings to the windows. Not only will this assist and protect any interior window treatments, the decorative options for its shape and edges will add a dramatic feel to any home.

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[Sunbrella Awnings]

Call us to meet with a designer and discuss the exterior of your home! We will find the perfect treatment for your space outside regardless of weather and wear!

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