Cellular Shades Insulate Your Homes | Drapery Connection

On a cold winter night, the drafty windows come out to play. Sitting in the comfortable easy chair, drinking hot cocoa, and relaxing feels great, except when the cool wind creeps around the window panes and you feel a chill down your arm. Other days, when it is not so cool, the constant noise from the neighbors makes it hard to hear on the phone. At night, sometime you may have a bright street light which will make it hard to rest when you have had a long day. All of these problems are common, and all can be alleviated, at least partially, by using cellular shades. Cellular shades use a pocket of baffling air, which can help block noise and the elements, and the fabric, often room darkening, can allow cellular shades to make your rooms darker and more restful.

The selection of cellular shades is an adventure, however. There are dozens of styles and hundreds of colors. Which ones help to sole your problems best, and which ones are the most attractive for your space? Selecting a cellular shade is the topic we will cover here, and you should finish knowing how to insulate with cellular shades. Before starting, consider what you are trying to insulate from, be it temperature, noise, light, or even the prying eyes of the neighbors.


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