Cellular Shades | Drapery Connection

It is a well-known fact that many, if not all, industries today rely heavily on advertisements to lure customers. Supposedly, this trend of heavy advertising could benefit you as the consumer because you are allowed to know everything about certain products “ prices, track records, satisfaction rates, etc. Many of these advertisements, however, could make use of deceptive marketing strategies to promote products. Of course, advertisements would not mention any defects or any negative characteristics of their merchandise. And this would leave you, the end-user, in the dark on significant details.

Take for example the cellular shades (also know as pleated shades) you plan to purchase. Before you decide to spend your money on this kind of window shades, it is a must that you should know a lot about this product first. As there are so many styles, designs, and other innovative features of cellular shades you could experience setbacks instead of positive results.


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