Vinyl Mini Blinds A Cheap Alternative To Expensive Drapes | Drapery Connection

Vinyl mini blinds offer a large selection of blinds in colors and styles to suit any taste. There are also aluminum blinds in this mini blind style, but they are not as cheap as the vinyl blinds. Deep printed and embossed details on vinyl mini blinds give them the appearance of being made of fabric without the detailed care that fabric blinds require. All vinyl mini blinds and aluminum blinds come with a snap on valance so that you can choose to use just the blinds as window treatments if you don't want to use cloth valances or drapes.

Close the vinyl mini blinds completely to darken a room or leave them slightly open to let the light shine through. The small slats of both the vinyl and aluminum mini blinds overlap so that you have the privacy you need by blocking out the outside of the window. You can achieve the effect you want in any room by purchasing these types of cheap mini blinds, which enables you to make your money go farther. The modern mini blinds come in all sizes and shapes. You can also have them specially made to fir irregularly shaped windows.


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