Start the New Year with a list of projects for the house | Drapery Connection

 By James and Morris Carey


It's never been easier to be green when it comes to your home. Environmentally friendly building products and materials are available for virtually every category - windows, doors, siding, decking, fencing, roofing, lumber, flooring and insulation, to name a few. Think "green" the next time you make a home improvement purchase. Chances are the material will last longer and you'll feel better about it.


Your home should be a refuge from the stress of work and the world. We suggest that you resolve to make your home as comfortable as you can for you and your family. This can include adding comfy couches and seating; using a splash of color here and there with paint, fabric or flooring; getting rid of clutter and opening up the space in your home; allowing in more natural light with updated window treatments; and organizing closets and storage. Create a special place in the garden as a retreat. Add a water feature - the sound of trickling water can be very therapeutic.


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