Rusticity on the rise | Drapery Connection

In the photo we show here, there's a comfortable blend of the rustic - in the stone fireplace - and the traditional - especially the windows with their almost mission-style wooden framing. The furnishings are an easygoing blend of the casual - like the wicker on the seating pieces - and the traditional - like the classic mantel, wooden cocktail table and gathered, full-length draperies.

The amalgamation creates an atmosphere you could call "rustic on good behavior," naturally warm and inviting but not downright casual.

Rusticity, by the way, seems to be rising in popularity as a style of home decorating. The reason, according to a Trendease Report from International Furnishings and Design Association, New York, is what's known as the "new economics of information," the fact that we now have access to a bewilderment of local, national and international events and interests at the stroke of a computer keyboard or the push of a cable remote control.


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