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Solarium Skylight Shades Custom Fit

Drapery Connection offers window treatments for all sizes, shapes, angles and slopes of skylight, sunroom, greenhouse, solarium and atrium window treatments.

We specialize in offering the finest window covering solutions that include both manual and motorized systems.


• Skylights   • Sunrooms   • Atriums   • Solariums   • Green Houses

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Skylight windows certainly make a room feel airy and open, but they can overheat the room in the summer or allow too much sunlight to come in. In the winter, you might enjoy the free solar heat that you get from the skylights, but as soon as the sun sets the heat (which rises) will escape from an unprotected window. So you will need to cover your skylight in the hot summer days and in the cold winter nights. With the rising energy costs skylight window treatments will pay for themselves in as little as one season.

Light control is typically the main reason for covering a skylight.  You must first consider the opacity of the fabric or material that you’re selecting.  Fabrics can range anywhere from blackout screens to ultra transparent honeycomb shades that filter the light but still allow some light to enter the room.

Color selection varies with different products and manufacturers.  Usually the color selected should blend in with the ceiling color if doing a skylight.

Motorized shades or blinds can be adjusted either by an electric switch or IR and RF remote control, sun sensor, timer, keypad, programmable keypad, and network integration and control.  Light control can be adjusted according to how much light is needed for a given activity, and the shades will also limit heat that enters and escapes throught the skylight.   Manual systems will require a telescoping extension pole or wand to operate the skylight if out of hand reach.


Drapery Connection prides itself in having certified trained installers that have installed hundreds of skylight installations.  For a free in-home estimate call 800-245-7790.

Your window treatment choices range from:

Cellular Shades:  These are layers of pleated material (honeycomb cells) that trap air in them, creating a layer of insulation, keeping the heat outside in the summer and inside in the winter.

Fabric:  Available in folding or flat shades which are installed with a high tension shade operating system.

Roller Shades:  These are motorized to keep the tautness of the shade flat.

Vertical Blinds:   They tilt to control light and require top and bottom tracks.

Shutters: Louvers can be motorized for light control. Width and length sizes are limited.

Window Film:  We only recommend film on flat glass skylights (not Plexiglass).  Clear window film will reject up to 98% of solar ultraviolet light.  Window film will make your room more comfortable, reduce energy costs and protect your interior furnishings from fading.   Note: no window film can eliminate 100% fading.  It can offer maximum protection from fading due to solar ultraviolet light and solar heat.  Film manufacturers normally will not warranty a skylight installation because the film faces directly into the sun.

This is a partial list of the Brand Name Manufacturers that we Install and Service

  • Graber
  • Kirsch
  • Lafayette
  • Levolor
  • Lutron
  • BTX
  • MechoShade
  • Castec
  • Comfortex
  • Horizons
  • and more

• Skylights   • Sunrooms   • Atriums   • Solariums   • Green Houses

Our skylight systems are designed for flexibility and to fully meet design needs.  Our skylight system program not only automates all types of skylight shades, including louvers, roman shade fabric, cellular and pleated shades, but each system in the program offers the full range of automated control, including IR and RF radio remote, switch, sun sensor, timer, keypad, programmable keypad and network integration and control.

Manufacturers that we Install and Service

  • BTX
  • MechoShade
  • Lutron
  • Draper
  • Somfy
  • Graber
  • Levolor
  • Kirsch
  • Castec
  • Lafayette




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