60527 Burr Ridge Motorized Window Treatments

Burr Ridge, IL 60527 Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized Window Treatments allow you to control your lighting and privacy preferences just by pushing a button. They enable you to save time as you can simultaneously open or close window coverings in your entire home including the hard to reach windows. Some of the major benefits of our motorized window coverings include:

  • Automation
    We can install the windows with sensors which can sense changes in environmental conditions and act accordingly. For instance, the sensors will close the windows coverings when there is a bright sunshine and vice versa.
  • Saves on energy
    We can program your window covering to close or open at specific times during the day allowing you to cut your energy costs significantly.
  • Safety
    We can program the window covering to act according to changes in weather conditions or open and close at specific times during the day, which helps to address the security and privacy issues. You do not have to be home in the evening to close the window covering, the automated system will close automatically.
  • Durability
    Our motorized window coverings will also address the issue of wear and tear which is usually as a result of a manual operation. They are also cordless and safe for your pets or kids because there is no danger of being entangled in the hanging cords.

Looking for designer motorized window treatments in Burr Ridge?

Drapery Connections offer you wide range of motorized window treatments that let you control lighting and privacy preferences at the touch of a button. Motorization offers beauty, comfort and convenience in handling the window coverings. Apart from providing the convenience, motorized blinds and draperies also last longer because the manual pulling and tugging goes away. We have a wide range of motorized window treatments solutions for people living in Burr Ridge, Illinois. At Drapery Connections, you get excellent, responsive service.

With a passion for creativity and sophisticated detail, our interior designers help you create attractive window coverings that complement the décor of your home. They combine the right texture, fabric, color and embellishment to create stunning designs. The high quality material, unique design and the reasonable pricing makes them unbeatable in the market.

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60527 Burr Ridge Motorized Window Treatments

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