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by Home Improvement Digest

Window treatments are an important part of every room, and since there are windows of every thinkable size and type, they have opened up a wide array of decorating possibilities. The selection of window treatments seems to be an element of interior design that is really confusing to a lot of people! This is mainly because windows vary so much from house to house.

In addition to providing much needed privacy, strong window blinds can also complete the design plan of the room. Especially in small spaces where privacy may be a concern, blinds may likely be the best way to keep your private life private. Especially in areas like bedrooms and bathrooms, window blinds can be an inexpensive look that can drastically change your room. Furthermore, the blinds you install may have special light blocking capabilities, allowing rooms like bedrooms to remain dark during daylight hours, no matter how strongly the sun shines.

By: David Brooks

Almost every house has at least one sliding glass door. As windows go, they are usually the largest in the house. I believe it is important to consider well how best to cover them. There are fewer choices available for large sliding glass windows then there are for the others windows in a home. But there are choices and armed with a little more information, you may be able to expand your horizons a bit and beautify your room.

Installing skylights in your home can help reduce your use of electricity, without lowering lighting levels. But, though skylights don't actually consume energy, they can be a cause of heat loss as your warm inside air escapes through the roof in winter. In summer, they can create a lot of solar heat gain ” which might cost you since you've got to run your air conditioning to compensate.

 By Apartment Therapy

We have been slowly working on updating our living room, and now we are at a point where we are very happy with the wall color, the floor and the furniture. However, we can't for the life of us choose new curtains. Any suggestions?

For your first time, take it easy and go white. You have enough dark furniture and A LOT of putty color on the walls, so brighten it up with nice, simple white or slightly off-white cotton or linen curtains that go down to the floor.

 By Stacy Downs

Skylights get a bad rap, and sometimes it's deserved.  After all, installing a skylight means cutting a hole in a roof, and poorly installed skylights may leak. But when a skylight is done right, it can be a mood-lifting thing of beauty.  "You're able to capture light in a totally different fashion beyond vertical windows," said Kansas City, Mo., architect Susan Richards Johnson. "There's nothing that compares to the quality of natural light."

Friday November 9, 2007 The Guardian

From snowy mountains carved from wood to surreal cityscapes and glam-rock mannequins. Imogen Fox admires the artistry of this year's Christmas displays

A mannequin in the Christmas window displays at Harvey Nichols store in London. Photograph: Christian Sinibaldi

Large, decorative windows

If your room lacks grand windows, then enhance the ones you have by adding substantial trim around the window. Use a wider expanse of drapery to make the window appear larger. Consider built-in cabinets on each side of a focal window to add grandeur if fitting for your space.


Disaster number three: Don't show anyone your window treatments unless they cover these three issues. The window treatments take care of privacy concerns, control the amount of light that comes in, and make sense with the design of the room.


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