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“Shutters are always a classic choice for your windows,” advises Marcia Pederson, an interior designer out of Drapery Connection’s Hinsdale, IL location.  Shutters are the “little black dress” of window treatments.  Marcia went on to share that “The current trend is 3 ½” louvers with a hidden tilt bar [Illustrated by the above photo].”

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Grab inspiration for your next decorating project from the pages of a fabric book.  A beautiful and intricately embroidered linen inspires draperies and bedding and pairs well with assorted textured solids for an upholstered headboard.   Finish with rich details such as a tassel or onion trim in softly coordinating colors.

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Celebrate your rooms during this season of celebration with Impressionistic brushstroke wallpapers.  A soft palette creates a sophisticated take on pink and lavender.  Add splashes of color with bold red accessories.

Call Drapery Connection today and ask about our new wallpapers at 1-800-245-7790 for a free in-home appointment.


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Deck your halls with magenta year round.  Whether with a floral or a funky chevron pattern, magenta updates and refreshes classic fabric motifs.  Go bold with flowing draperies at your windows in magenta floral or simply add an exclamation point to your sofa with a modern magenta pillow.

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Add richness and interest to your dining room walls with a classic damask wallpaper.   Add some comfortable chairs and prepare for many hours of good company and conversation.  Options include traditional tone on tone, contrast or even, as in the photo above, matte color mixed with metallic for a modern edge.

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Sometimes, all that is called for to freshen up your home is a few key accessories.   Pillows are a fun way to add a new layer of design to your rooms.  And since, design is in the details, add sparkle with glass beaded trim or a luxurious brush fringe.

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Beat winder doldrums with bold and bright wallpapers, especially in those sun starved areas of your home.  Choose a vibrant print for a windowless powder room and greet guests with a pop of joie de vivre.   Any dark corners are a great candidate for this cheerful wallpaper style.


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