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It’s a matter of form and function BY JENNIFER TZESES

Window treatments can set the tone for a room by adding natural light or taking it away, creating a level of formality, or keeping things casual.

With so many upgrades available, what are some of the most helpful places to integrate smart home technology?
Motorized window shades are a wonderful investment in your home and provide both practical and safety solutions for every room in the house. Safety-wise, they solve the problem of loose, dangling cords that present choking hazards for children. They also prevent the risk of frisky pets playing with the cords and causing damage either to themselves or to your window treatments.

Inside, you step into a traditional layout of two front rooms separated by a foyer. But tradition ends there. A library with four chairs replaces a formal living room, and the entire family plays games there. A guest suite replaces the dining room. Nikki and Matt also did away with a formal front staircase. “It takes up too much room.” The staircase is toward the back of the house, with a tiny office for Nikki tucked underneath. A beechwood screen provides both a sliding door and unique design element.

Draperies from Drapery Connection create an atmosphere for your home that is elegant, luxurious & fun.
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