What Should You Cover Your Windows With? | Drapery Connection

by adddc.com

One way to add a special touch to a room and give you more privacy is by placing curtains as window coverings on your windows. Whichever type you choose, a window treatment of curtains does not only add color and texture to your room, but can also solve problems you may have with your windows.

There are actually many types of curtains to select from, and, one of the most popular types is the box pleated curtain. This kind of curtain tends to have that neat tailored look because they are pre-gathered into pleats at the top of the curtain. They are a little more expensive but they can give you a nice added touch to your windows because of their extra fullness.

Another common types of window treatments is the valance which is a short piece of fabric that decorates only the top fourth of the window. These come in a variety of patterns and colors and are usually used with blinds so as to still get some privacy by closing the window off.

Curtains may also be used to block out light completely for those who need to sleep during the day and would want their room to be dark. These are called blackout curtains and they do not allow any light to pass through the curtain itself because of their special liners. The only light that may pass through is around the edges and over the top of the curtain.

There are also curtains which are good energy saving tools, the thermal curtains. These curtains can keep the temperature more constant, whether you prefer cool or warm. They can save on energy costs since the cool or warm air is not lost through the window.

Both thermal and blackout curtains as window coverings are also good ways to block out noise. If you happen to live on a busy or noisy street, or you just would like to get some sleep during the day, outside noise can be really disturbing. These kinds of curtains not only help to reduce the light level but also the noise level.

A cafe curtain, on the other hand, is a simpler type of curtain. These are made of light material and come with different decorative designs. These are the curtains which you can often imagine blown by the wind in a kitchen.

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