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There is a wide range of curtain materials in the market today. There are fabrics ranging from cottons to linens, velvets, tapestries, silks, satins, cotton blends, polyfleece etc. Curtain material comes in a variety of colours and prints ranging from solid colours, stripes, checks, textured with symmetrical and geometrical patterns, florals, etc. Prices for these materials can range from Rs. 100 per metre to about Rs. 4,000 per metre or more.
Certain basic design parameters should be kept in mind while selecting curtains. Firstly, if you have fitted or fixed upholstery that is patterned, the curtains should generally be plain or self-textured. If the upholstery is plain, then one could go for patterned or plain curtains as per selection. In rooms having loose covers, like bedrooms, one could select a colour keeping in mind that over a period of time loose covers can be varied.
Be careful that if both the upholstery and curtain are printed and patterned, the look could be very busy or visually chaotic. In case one wants extra light without sacrificing privacy, a sheer curtain can be introduced in addition to the main curtain. This could be of lace or any light translucent material. A lining may be necessary in curtains that require privacy, insulation or sound proofing. Also lining adds weight to light curtains and improves their fall. However lining is an additional expense, so go in for it only if necessary.

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