Top-Down/Bottom-Up Cellular Shades | Drapery Connection

Do you have windows that are difficult to reach? Do you have oversized or odd-shaped windows? Windows you want to decorate with a layered window treatment? Looking for improved insulating benefits and thermal efficiency in your window coverings?

Look no further than cellular shades. Cellular, or Honeycomb, shades can offer you the best of both worlds with top-down/bottom-up lift control and remote control motorized operation!

With the honeycomb shades that open either from the top down or the bottom up, you will have the ultimate flexibility and ease of use you're looking for at a reasonable price. Install shades yourself to save even more money.

Benefits of Cellular Shades

* Single Cell shades block up to 50% of the heat from escaping your home in winter or getting into your home in summer
* Block up to 99% of sun's harmful UV rays
* Work great as an under-treatment for designer window treatments such as curtains, draperies, valances or other top treatments


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