Somfy’s motorized shades are the best we have found | Drapery Connection
motorized Shades
Kevin Oliver
Blinds and shades are often overlooked as the crucial interior decor they are. They are designed to frame the window, and if done properly, can bring a new energy to any room. On the other hand, anyone who’s experienced the “joy” of wrestling entangled cords in a attempt to get the blinds to stay in the perfect position knows that sometimes the hassle isn’t worth the reward. Now, it’s 2017 and it’s time to walk out of that desert and into the promised land that is motorized blinds and shades.
In our search for the best, we found that Graber’s Somfy motorized blinds were the number one choice around. From the system’s ease of use to its modern design options, Somfy powers the shades with incredible automation and control — the company has its finger on the pulse of the emerging smart home market. Here’s our full review and breakdown of the Somfy Z-Wave enabled motorized blinds.

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