Showcase features new house built as a model for modern families | Drapery Connection

"The home and its furnishings are transitional style combining traditional touches with clean, contemporary lines for a refined, uncluttered, organic feel," said Kathy Hoffman of the Susan Fredman Design Group. "It is designed with a young family in mind."

Furniture with organic fabric coverings and filling were used exclusively by the designers. No flame retardants, stain-proofing or chemical treatments of any kind were used on the fabrics and they avoided blended fabrics that cannot be recycled or composted at the end of their useful lives.

"We were very concerned with what was coming in contact with the human skin," Salisbury said. "We actually feel that all of those chemical treatments on fabrics should be banned by the federal government and actually, natural fabrics are more flame-retardant than man-made fabrics treated with flame retardants. They were trying to replicate the way wool reacts to fire, so why not just use wool?"

All mattresses and bedding used in the home are organic, too, and only natural fibers are used in all of the home's draperies and blinds.

Reclaimed antiques were saved from the landfill and used liberally in the home, mixed in with new items for an eclectic, chic look. And wood furniture throughout is made of wood from such diverse sources as an old walnut tree that fell naturally somewhere on the North Shore, reused barn wood and even reclaimed soda pop crates. Natural lacquers made of tree sap are used for the finishing touch.


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