Savant Systems

As it catches like wildfire, Savant systems take the home automation experience to an entirely new, streamlined level. Imagine your day, automated:

You wake up in the morning to a soothing alarm that fades into your favorite song, the shades in your bedroom raising a bit to let some natural light in and wake you up. Downstairs, Saturday morning cartoons automatically turn on for your children in the living room and coffee is made by the time you reach the kitchen for breakfast.

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When you arrive home at dusk, the lights and welcoming music has been turned on, a great impression of occupancy for security at night when not home. The temperature started returning to a more comfortable level an hour before you arrived. Towards bedtime the television shuts off and all shades lower for privacy; also a wonderful hint to your children.

The most amazing part of this scenario? One can control these elements of life and more – all from an Apple device! From electricity usage to entertainment to climate control, Savant Systems has the technology and platform to easily manage your home’s operations with the clean friendliness of Apple’s user interface.

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