Room For Improvement: Stoneham teen bedroom | Drapery Connection

All kids grow up and so does their taste. So when one teen is ready for her bland bedroom to suit her fun style, our design team gives it a colorful kick.

Kelly is a busy 15-year-old with out a good place to hang out. This is her bedroom. It's a good size, but...

Kelly Kneeland, teenager
"It is kind of boring. I mean, the last time it was decorated I was six years old."

Denise Kneeland, homeowner
"I could see she was outgrowing it. She just didn't want to be in her room that much. She didn't think it was fun. So we talked about it and I knew I couldn't do this by myself."

Our "Room For Improvement" designer, Melanie Murphy, knows how to put the fun in any space.

Kelly loves color, so color it is. Charlie Prokop, of Custom Painting, painted the white walls pink.

Charlie Prokop, Custom Painting
"She has two pinks. One accent wall with a darker shade. And it was going over white, so anything from there is a good step up."

Kelly's bedding gets kicked up a notch with a polka dot print. Accent pillows are also added.

Our designer chose three different fabrics to use in this room. So, how do you decide how much to use of each? Well there's an equation.

Melanie Murphy, Redecorating By Melanie
"You want to do a 60 percent of one fabric, 30 percent of a second fabric and 10 percent of a third. That way you can keep it in control, and it's not overwhelming."

Some great custom storage boxes are done in the same polka dot print, as is a big seating pillow.

New dresser drawers will help keep clothes organized, and a new desk will help with all that homework. These drapes help bring the room together.

"We have these great tie backs that match the bows on the duvet cover for the bed, so this adds a little fun and a little whimsy to the draperies."


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