Questions on Motorized Window Coverings | Drapery Connection

What is the difference between motorized and automatic window coverings?

A motorized treatment is controlled by you, with the push of a button or the flick of a switch. An automated treatment is controlled automatically by a central home control system, a timer, a light sensor or other automation device. Remember that even with automated shades you have the ability to operate them with a remote or wall switch at any time.

How much does it cost to have motorized window coverings?

It varies depending on the complexity of your motorization needs. It can be as simple as adding battery-operated motorization to the cost of a new blind or shade for about $350, or you can integrate all your window coverings into a whole home automation system.

What is the difference between battery-operated and hardwired systems?

Battery- operated sysytems are stand alone and can only operate smaller blinds. The blind headrail must be accessible in order to change the batteries. Hardwired systems can accommodate many larger blinds and have quieter motors.

Can I motorize an existing window covering?

Yes, some types of window coverings can be retrofitted with a motor.

I have an existing home automation system, can I add motorized blinds?

Yes, we use an interface that communicated with any home automation system.

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