Put your home design in neutral | Drapery Connection

 by Mairi MacLean

Think neutrals are a closed shop comprised solely of shades of beige and grey? Think again.  Green, so highly identified as a colour of nature, has now made it into the neutral club, according to colour experts.  "Green is more acceptable, with its attachment to the environment," says colour consultant Lee Eiseman from San Francisco, who has been seeing a range of yellow-greens to sage greens finding their way onto carpeting, walls and window coverings. "It is a ubiquitous colour seen in trees, leaves, grass. You can see any colour against that backdrop. People are realizing it doesn't interfere." 

Colour expert Debbie Zimmer of the Paint Quality Institute agrees that the home decorator's concept of what constitutes a neutral is expanding."It incorporates today not just the whites and off-whites but certainly a range of greens and browns. When you think about a neutral palette wrapped with an environmental theme, what could be better than a sage, fern, pine green, even a beautiful palm green? They can be intermixed with blues and aquas and with browns. Browns continue to be popular, but for a brown to go with a green palette it has to be more of an adobe, with red undertones as adobe would have."


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