NextGen House Steals the Show | Drapery Connection

And who couldn't resist stopping at the Connect IO oven? Said to be the "first" with built-in refrigeration to keep foods fresh, before and after cooking, the range also has the ability to change any cooking function from anywhere inside the house -- or outside via a phone or the Internet.

Which brings us to the real show-stopper, the digital entertainment and home automation package that allows you to do everything from close the window shades to play your favorite song, all with just a touch -- from anywhere in the home.

The system shown here featured touch screens throughout the house, placing all the home's automated components at the occupant's fingertips. The software could be programmed to tell the oven when to come on, eyeball visitors at the door, or turn off the lights and turn on the security system when the front door is locked.

In addition, every function could be accessed from a TV screen, PDA, Xbox 360, PC or laptop -- anywhere in the world.


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