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Blinds are not the same today as they were back in my day, no longer the ugly white or ivory colored standard 2 ³ venetian blinds that bent ever so easily and never looked the same after, remember those ugly things. And the noise that they made, unreal. We need to get our bedroom windows something new, the cats have punctured holes in the mini blinds that we now have with their sharp little claws, and they look just horrible. So off I went onto the Internet to search for something that tickles my fancy. I found a web-site that has a nice selection and the prices haven't scared me to death, and I stumbled on to Today's Special 2 ³ Express Faux Wood Blinds starting at $17.39. They are nice looking, I think I like the Mahogany, it's a nice and rich looking color that will go good with the rest of the wood that is in that room. Check it out by clicking here. What do you think? Nice huh? Of course they offer free shipping, lifetime warranty, 24/7 customer service, money back guarantee & a price match guarantee - sounds good to me. I'll have to check with hubby, I'm sure he will love them - we have basically the same taste in so many things - it's uncanny.
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