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Make Your Sliders and Larger Windows More Beautiful AND Functional, Too!

Slider door windows and large format windows have long been a great way to let the sun shine in, while providing a more seamless connection from indoor living spaces to outdoor ones. Since sliding glass doors pull either to the left or the right, most applications would move with the door to provide easy access outside. However, some treatments can cover a significant amount of glass when in the open position. Stacking the window covering past the slider onto the wall will reveal the desired amount of glass when open. But what if there isn't enough wall space next to your slider?

Solutions for all your window covering needs...

Treatments that stack above the window could be an excellent solution to this dilemma. We're talking about tried-and-true roller shades, but probably not the ones that first come to mind. Roller shades have truly evolved into a décor advantage now that they are made of designer fabrics and other materials, creative natural and faux natural weaves, high-tech see-through screens and more. We can even apply two individual shades; one for the stationary part of the door and one for the slider. When you have your windows professionally measured, and your custom roller shades installed by an At-Home Window Fashion Expert, you'll get the best possible finish, all within your budget.

Add a topper to finish the look and tie your room together

I also love adding a beautiful cornice or valance top treatment that completely hides the roller shades when it the open position. These can be made to match kitchen cabinetry if your sliders are connected to a family room or great room nearby, or covered in fabric that matches or contrasts with your upholstered pieces. Your shades can be cordless so they can be opened from inside and out, or motorized for real convenience and ease of use. I think you'll be surprised just how gorgeous roller shades might be in your home, and I'd love to show you the possibilities. Just give me a call to schedule your free, at-home consultation!

Michael Payne's Window Décor Tip of the Month:
Roller Shades... Family-Friendly Light Control!

Today's roller shades are NOT your grandma's roller shades... they're simply gorgeous! On slider doors and today's large windows they provide near-absolute privacy, while allowing your desired amount of light through, or almost no light at all with the addition of an opaque layer. They can be made of durable, washable materials, too, should young, muddy hands ever try to open them! I love the fact that your can add a touch of texture, a kick of color or a subtle natural lighting effect depending on the materials you choose. Ask your Window Fashions Professional to show you the vast array of Roller Shade options just perfect for your windows!

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