Join me and venture into the warming sun | Drapery Connection

Stephanie Kuehnert

Unlike winter, which just showed up one day like an unwanted guest and parked itself on the couch, spring has been dragging its feet. I saw the first signs about a month ago when my crocuses began to poke through the snow. But still ... there was snow. I wasn't entirely convinced that spring would ever arrive or that I would ever leave the house again except to go to work and buy food.

My cats were more hopeful than me (or perhaps that's instinct). Instead of huddling on my bed like they had all winter, they began to venture downstairs and sprawl out on the living room floor in the sunbeams sneaking through the blinds. I followed them, leaving my dark office where I'd spent the winter beside a space heater, and set up my laptop on the dining room table. I opened blinds and eventually windows. The cats and I were restless; all of us yearned to go outside.

I started making as many excuses to leave the house as I could.


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