Interior Design Trends in India

Contemporary design features continue to hold sway, although the move away from minimalism, harsh lines and a clinical ambiance is replaced with a touch of old world warmth. Modern design meets mid-century interior concepts to create spaces that give us the best of both worlds…old and new. Eclecticism is in. This is the time when that colonial/antique piece of furniture can be placed alongside your contemporary straight-line sofas, and not look out of place. Mix and match is the trend as aesthetic independence becomes more pronounced. Ornate fixtures and accessories alongside straight-line minimalist metal furniture would not be incongruous.  Colours are bold. Green is the dominant colour this year. A deeply vibrant green. Followed by pumpkin orange, bright red—in tones from terracotta to cayenne. Orange, Yellow, Gold—dominating the palette. Deep cinnamon, luxurious violets, turquoise and of course the other colour that is hot—Pink—bright and daring.

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