How to make curtains beautiful | Drapery Connection

 by Economic Times TNN

No sooner does a curtain drape the walls of your room, you can feel your space cut away from the din and bustle outside. It turns the whole milieu into a cozy hideout. Curtains essentially help in blocking the sunlight. But curtains are also very versatile when one wants to accessorise their home and add to the entire feel of the house.

Almost every room in the house can be transformed using the variety available in curtains. Not only do curtains serve many purposes like decorations, changing the look of the room, blocking light and providing privacy but also give the room a distinct mood and expression. Curtains can truly be called decorative utility products.

Broadly speaking, curtains can be classified into three categories, namely, the panel, café and the tiered curtains. Panel curtains give the window an informal look. Such curtains are ideal for bedrooms, dining rooms and bathrooms (shower curtains).

Cafe curtains, on the other hand, are usually tied back and are a perfect choice for the kitchen. Tiered curtains are multiple panels with one or two panels hanging over the top of the two base panels. This helps to create a layered look.

Cotton and silk were and are the evergreen choices when one contemplates buying curtains. Cotton is the best choice for everyday wear and tear.  There are umpteen colours and prints available in cotton. Bright colours look the best in cotton. And for those special occasions, one can simply replace the cotton curtains with silk tapestries and see the room taking over a royal elegance.

By adding a tinge of silver or gold, the effect can be further enhanced. Polyester and other synthetics have gained ground in the past few years. Self-prints, weave patterns colored weaves and patterns are the different ways in which curtain tapestries are adorned.

Curtain manufacturers have captured different art forms like embroidery, applique and even painting to accentuate the soft charm.  Traditional art forms like zardozi are also used to give a touch of richness to the decor.

Painted curtains give an artistic feel and block prints a traditional touch. To further accentuate the pattern of the curtain that may be printed or painted, sequins can be used to strike a difference.  Laces, tassels and frills are other adornments that can be used for specific decor. Just a change of window curtains can give the room a trendy charm.


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