How To Choose Window Treatments | Drapery Connection

It’s a matter of form and function BY JENNIFER TZESES

Window treatments can set the tone for a room by adding natural light or taking it away, creating a level of formality, or keeping things casual.

“The first question I ask is whether privacy is needed or light control,” said Donna Mondi, founder and principal, Donna Mondi Interior Design in Chicago. If it’s a bedroom window, you might want the option of a semi-sheer shade for daytime and functioning drapery panels for night to block out the morning light, Ms. Mondi said. 

Or, “if you inherit an unattractive view but need the natural light, you might choose a natural woven roman shade that can stay down to distract from the view but allow light to come through. If you don’t need privacy or light control, though, then it’s all about the design,” Ms. Mondi said.

How To Choose Window Treatments

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