How to breath some life into a listless room : Home & Garden : Albuquerque Tribune | Drapery Connection

 Along the fireplace and cabinetry walls I created an L-shaped arrangement of window seating. Other furnishings, which I placed in the center of the room, included a gorgeous velvet blue/gray sofa, a wood coffee table and two brown leather chairs, all nestled atop a beautiful area rug that grounds the room in lakeside luxury.

The room had many windows of differing heights, so to bring them all together I put up both roman blinds and full-length drapery panels in a sunny, nature-inspired pattern. I then added some halogen track lights and put up a few dramatic hurricane fixtures.

After some final accents and accessories, this sunroom was ready to shine. With nature-inspired fixtures, finishes and furnishings, I created a modern but cottage-like atmosphere for Heather, Brett and Adelaide that will remind them of the beach -- even when they are stuck indoors. How divine!


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