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Artist Barbara Garro says, The artsy home begins on your property and continues into the home led by memorable art placement every step of the way. Part of the process comes from looking at the decorating possibilities in commercial establishments, decorating books and television shows as well as those friends and family members with great taste.

The gateway into your home begins a lasting first impression that continues through every room in your home. Garro's Staging Art Decorating Concept allows every room its own personal center stage. The key word here is memorable. Your personal style creates the memorable impression, a delicious truth that makes conceiving your own home art showcase so much fun. There are no rules. No right way. Most importantly, no wrong way. You learn by doing and the doing becomes delightful as you shop, trade, acquire, deaccession, duplicate, color coordinate and let yourself go within your budget, of course.

This do it your way philosophy makes decorating your home environment outside as well as inside a journey of discovery. You will find out interesting tidbits about yourself throughout the process.

You will find treasure in a piece of art that speaks to you. Then, you'll amaze yourself by finding the perfect showcase for it. You see you have an intuitive flair for placing your art objects that inspires your own personal style. What you create will tickle your spirit every time you look at it. And, you can't help but look at your art, because you live there and travel constantly from one exciting room to another.

One day, someone comes into your home who appreciates all you have done and stands awestruck room after room and you look at your handiwork anew with joyful eyes and fall in love with it all over again.

Wondering where or how or when to begin? Here are some guidelines:

1. Evaluate What You See As You Enter Your Property. How does it make you feel? Anything less than good and you have work to do.

2. Look At What You See As You Enter Your Home From Each Entrance. Do you like what you see? If not, then figure out why not. Then, look at the possibilities that could make you love each entrance.

3. Now, Take Inventory Of Every Piece Of Art You Now Own. Do you like the way it looks? Do you like where it lives? Can you think of new ways to showcase your art?

4. Take Inventory of Your Mirrors. Mirrors, in the right place can enhance the ambiance in a room like few other amenities. Of course, the frame must complement the room's décor, or at least not fight with it.

5. Like Mirrors, Glass Accents Also Enhance Ambiance. Carved and translucent blown glass add subtle color that gives a room richness. Glass can also be one of the least expensive accent items.

6. Next, Consider The Textures You Already Have. Would you buy them if you didn't own them? Do the rugs have that worn in look? Are the drapes bleached from the sun, dusty, gone to threads in places or simply limp and tired looking? Should your throw rugs be thrown out? Have your pillows lumped out? Again, would you buy these accents if you didn't already own them? If you still like them, can you refurbish them with professional cleaning or your own magic touches?

7. Finally, Use Your Natural And Artificial Light To Determine Placement. Protect your art, rugs and draperies from damaging direct sunlight. That being said, you need enough light to light up your spaces whether by day or by night. Intelligent lighting can be a determining factor in the overall ambiance.

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Barbara Garro ([email protected])

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